Region: Italy

A ball of soft, warm, welcoming wool, a dive into the past, the memories of a distant time when it was customary for women to stand in front of a roaring fire while chatting and knitting, and the hours passed, slow and pleasant, and magically the skilful hands of women gave rise to sweaters, slippers, scarves and anything that their imagination and their art were able to generate. To bring back the atmosphere of those times, where solidarity was the main protagonist, is my mission.


Bags and accessories as an expansion of the internal space, an expression of personality.

ideas that come unexpectedly, as a gift ... being familiar with the creative buzz ... give birth to the inspiration from everywhere, from the forms of nature, the moods of a rainy day, from old family photos

Elisabetta Giorgi
ScrittoSullaPelle, handmade with care

Siri Ram Kaur Khalsa

For many years she has been a researcher in the spiritual realm, becoming a therapist of Sat Nam Rasayan, a teacher of Kundalini Yoga and a counselor of Applied Numerology. She also developed her innate passion for music and singing through the study of Gurbani Kirtan and Naad Yoga.
All her diverse and rich spiritual experiences came together harmoniously in her work of creating amazing Personal Malas for meditation.

Arte nelle Mani

My desire is to revive a trade, the weaving, which belongs to our collective memory, which imposes rhythms out of time, which resonates with ancient vibrations, making that memory real and integrating it in the present

Simona Lombardo, Arte nelle Mani

Region: India
Crishna India

Crishna India is a boutique export business with a dedicated focus on fine handwoven pashmina and exquisite Kashmiri embroidery. The business has been established with a goal to promote traditional Kashmiri art and deliver authentic and handmade Kashmiri products to their customers.

Kashmir's renowned master craftsmen bring life to the region's masterpieces. Crishna India will deliver only the finest and most unique products to your doorstep.