Carla Di BenedettoMy name is Carla Di Benedetto, I am from Abruzzo (in central Italy), and I have always had a strong love for art and for all that is handmade. I graduated in Statistics but the numbers though fascinating were not my way and so I returned to dedicate myself to my passions.

My brand is "CoCoBé": CoCo is my cat, Bé is Bernardo, my dog, and their merger creates "CoCoBé".

I create, with the yarns, accessories for men and women. I dedicated some time to the research of hand-dyed wool in Abruzzo and found a woman who herds her own flock, providing a precious wool: I liked the idea that the raw material was natural.

A ball of soft, warm, welcoming wool, a dive into the past, the memories of a distant time when it was customary for women to stand in front of a roaring fire while chatting and knitting, and the hours passed, slow and pleasant, and magically the skilful hands of women gave rise to sweaters, slippers, scarves and anything that their imagination and their art were able to generate.

A sense of warmth and love is the result of this cheerful knitting.
To bring back the atmosphere of those times, where solidarity was the main protagonist, is my mission: to create a long wire and a soft world of clothing items that can once again bring together the world!


Artisan products

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Neck warmer
37,50 €
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Neck warmer
37,50 €
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Pure new wool shawl
225,00 €

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