• 16 Oct
    Massimo Rossello
    As we enter a phase where we’ll launch a campaign for more artisans to join, I will also take the chance to clear up, below, what is the intended nature of the project, what are the general criteria for being accepted as an artisan and why. In order to apply, an artisan can visit our homepage, scroll down to the “opportunities for artisans” section, and drop an email there (if you are browsing as a registered user, you will only see a button as we have your email already). You...
  • 07 Feb
    Guillaume de Keating-Hart
    Artistii is almost set up to go. Whilst the new front end is kind of ready and will be revealed soon, we are still preparing the deals with artisans and their agents. So now, we need to work out the kinks in the system and this can only be done by real, patient clients. We want to understand what people experience when they navigate the site, place their orders, wait for their order, get their orders delivered and their overall satisfaction. A first step: The site experience. Clients greeted...
  • 18 Jan
    Nara Menon
    Hi, I’m Nara and I am the operations specialist within the team. Each Christmas the European Union generates a report that indicates how retail sales have performed across all of the European countries. This is a performance indicator for the economy. This Christmas the results indicate a 25% increase in internet sales. This bodes well for those of us who specialize in individual bespoke hand made products. Not only does this show that people have started spending again although average incomes...
  • 21 Dec
    Hassan Hankir
    The Student Entrepreneur Contest is a competition held by Saint Thomas University of Miami, Florida. One of us is an engineering student there, and he decided to represent Artistii in this contest. The Student Entrepreneur Contest was a very rich experience in three ways, in preparing, participating, and winning it. First of all, preparing for this competition made us develop our first complete business plan. In fact, after our online class called Technology Entrepreneurship, offered by...