Testing for Artistii – starting now!

Guillaume de Keating-Hart

Artistii is almost set up to go. Whilst the new front end is kind of ready and will be revealed soon, we are still preparing the deals with artisans and their agents. So now, we need to work out the kinks in the system and this can only be done by real, patient clients. We want to understand what people experience when they navigate the site, place their orders, wait for their order, get their orders delivered and their overall satisfaction.


A first step: The site experience.

Clients greeted to the site currently are encouraged to register. This is a process in place currently to track interest in the products. We want to understand what drives people to the site, and if they get the remit Artistii is committing to achieve: helping the artisans of the world to grow their independence and their wealth, whilst bringing the richness of authentic presents to discerning clients. Whilst in this first stage we are not yet requesting our clients to make purchases (despite that we can serve some already), we are looking to find our first leaders (Can you be a first leader? If yes, you just need to register on artistii.com and rummage around!). Ideally, we invite clients from Europe to comment on what they see, what they like and more importantly what they do not like or find or understand when navigating the site.

changingourworld1The next step: The social experience.

Artistii is setting itself as more than a shopping portal. Its intention is to provide a means for clients to interact socially through comments on the goods they see and get, with Artistii and ultimately be have the ability to converse with the artisans. While this is expected to rarely be in real time, this feedback should help fellow clients understand what they get, and who they get it from. This is very important for clients to understand that Artistii and its remit are true, and of quality. It will also help them drive Artistii to find out the particular types of items people want, and why they want them – and this will be put to good use. Early clients are thereby encouraged to feedback on the items they see and like, and why they like them.


The final  step: Ordering the goods.

Although our infrastructure is mostly in ready for ordering goods, we are finalising our setup and contracts with the artisans and with our clients. While we can manually finalise a purchase and deliver, and provide the support around this, we can not yet assure the quality of service we aim at. This therefore requires additional attention from us for each request. We are happy to do this, but our clients must be clear that they are trialling a new system. We would then like to see constructive feedback on the flow of information, the ease of use, and on the products delivered.

We aim to build the site for the artisan and for their clients, and all the feedback Artistii receives will ensure we build the right priorities to best serve these two communities. Will you help us? (info@artistii.com)