Winds of Change…………

Nara Menon

Hi, I’m Nara and I am the operations specialist within the team.

Each Christmas the European Union generates a report that indicates how retail sales have performed across all of the European countries. This is a performance indicator for the economy. This Christmas the results indicate a 25% increase in internet sales. This bodes well for those of us who specialize in individual bespoke hand made products.

Not only does this show that people have started spending again although average incomes have not increased, but internet sales will become a primary method of shopping in the future. Combine this with the growing logistics industry within Europe and this creates a perfect environment for people to share the joy of handmade traditional goods. It gives consumers all opportunities to make their purchases ethical and also assist in creating new opportunities for individuals rather than corporate wealth.

Here at Artistii we recognise this and we are taking steps to assist the individual Artisans in making their aspirations come true. The ethos of the company and what we believe in as a team, should translate into the relationships we build, not only with the artisans, but also with the consumers. We believe we are in the forefront of a revolution where people are moving away from mass produced goods, towards a more individual interaction where a purchase of an item actually changes something. The customer will know that their purchase has directly helped an artisan, and will know who and where they are.

From the point of view of Logistics, there is a major shift in the industry at the moment, moving towards small shipments rather than just bulk shipments as before. The focus is that as internet sales increase, individual and internet purchasing will become their major source of revenue and will need to accommodate this into their new way of thinking. The really good news is that this will also bring down carriage costs.

This is an exciting time as this trend indicates that the individuals sitting at home making a purchase, is set to become the new spending power house and together they will drive a major change to world business as the Internet retail market is set to become a major industry and a driver for the global economy. As this trend comes to pass, the choices that you, the consumer, make when you buy a product, will actually have the power now to Influence change. You, the consumer, will be able put pressure on businesses to show that you want them to be run in a more responsible and ethical manner.

Artistii has come into being to assist both consumers and producers to take full advantage of the new channels and cost improvements brought in by the new economy.We look forward to the day our Partners and Customers will be able to guide us and more importantly, hold us accountable. We want to show you, our Partners and Customers, that for Artistii it’s not all about the bottom line, but it’s definitely all about cause of our believes and the effects of our decisions.

So keep following us and join us on this journey.